Friday, December 21, 2007

On the 8th day of festival your hostess has for you...

Happy Friday My Sisters,
I hope you enjoy my gift today as much as i did making it. I had fun.
I bought the whole "Die Hard" series. I made the tube of his gun.
I call today's gift "Die Hard Trying"
The theme for his 2nd Movie is my song pick of the day.

To get this Letter:
Click The Door

So there's no peeking....

Each Letter has different password.
Each Tag has a different password.
Password for your 8th gift is: DH1

To get the matching tag...
Email me Click Here
with the right stat & I will send you the link & password.
Just search for your folder. D/L the tag.
Click the file itself & then d/l original size.

I am off today. Am going out early afternoon.
Check back tomorrow to see what awaits you.
Love & Hugs,

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