Monday, June 16, 2014

New Kit for Spring.

I finally got a new laptop~~
I have installed all my plug-ins~~
Transferred all my data~~

I am now ready to get back to scrapping.
New Kit Below:
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Just to let my reader's know:
My creations are made with 
"Paint Shop Pro"
All elements and such are pspimages.
If anyone would like them as psds,
email me 
I need an email address

 If I get alot of requests 
I will try to do both.
I have a new scrap kit 
It's titled
"My Garden" 
Kit Includes:
6 Extra Paks
6 Element Paks
6 Paper Paks
You can download it from my 
Look around.
Lots of Freebies.

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Please honor my TOU.
I don't ask too much.
Comments are appreciated.
Thank you for visiting.

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