Friday, September 01, 2017

September Train has left the station

Pleased to be a part of
Pampered Pups

This month's theme

Here is my part

You can get it by clicking this tag.

Look on the page that is titled blogtrain freebies 2017

Please Honor my TOU. TY!

Be sure to visit the other blogs to see what they have to offer you.

Remember we are in different time zones, 
so if they are not up yet, they will be so check back. 

Come back next month to see what we have for you.
Thank you for stopping by.


Digitalscrapper Becky said...

The link for Stina is comming up as a link that is not valid. Could someone please check this and provide the corrected link? Thanks much.

FussBudget said...

Every month I come by your blog to download your contribution to the Pampered Pets Blog Train and every month I get frustrated and give up. It's because 4Shared is such a crummy download site. Invariably, I click on the wrong "DOWNLOAD" button and almost end up with something else being downloaded instead. Thank goodness I have good malware alert software installed. It would really be helpful if you could let us know, once we get to 4Shared, which download button to use. I just wanted to comment on this. I do love your designs.

Digitalscrapper Becky said...

Absolutely love the papers you created for this blog train. They are so unique. I do not use Paint Shop Pro so I do not know how to open the PSPImage files. Could you provide PSDs instead? Thanks much!