Wednesday, July 09, 2008

See You Later Dad!

The following post is a tribute to my dad who passed on July 1st, 2008.
He was 82.
Click the title & You will connect to his memorial site.

This is my Eulogy:

My father was a True Boy Scout
My father was Trustworthy-
If he said he would do something he did it.
My father was Loyal-
He was at my mother's side for 59 years
and mine for 50
My Father was Helpful-
My father was a tinker.
He could fix anything as long as he had his hammer.
My father was Friendly-
They called him "Pete"
My father was Courteous-
No elbows on the table
My father was Kind-
I kept bringing home strays & he let me keep them.
My father was Obedient-
Always did what mom told him to.
My father was Cheerful-
I heard him Whistling often
My father was Thrifty-
He liked the heels of a loaf of bread.
My father was Brave-
Killed spiders with ease.
My father was Clean-
His shoes were always polished.
I remember those metal pant shapers that hung in the cellarway.
Gave his pants the perfect crease.
The smell of Old Spice in the air.
My Father was Reverent-
Was always in the front pew on Boy Scout Sunday.
Mowed the grass at the church.

My father was a True Boy Scout
He was a Leader, teacher. mentor and friend.

My father was always tan.
He loved the sun & the earth. & it's Natural resources.

My father loved smoking his pipe
& I remember How upset mom got with the holes in his pant pockets caused by him sticking it in his pockets..
We used to go to the smoke shop & dad would get his special cherry blend tobacco.

I remember my dad coming home for lunch & making his "Dagwood".
He would Take a nap in a snap & 20 minutes later was fresh as a daisy.
Said it Was a trick he learned in the Navy.

My Father Loved his country. Talked with fondness of his Navy Days.

He was always warm. It was dead of winter and he'd be in shorts while my mom & me were bundled in comforters. Said we made him hot just looking at us.

His greatest advise: Put "it" around my neck so I'd know where "it" was.

My father was a true boy scout

His Boys were his life.
He received his wood badge in 1972
His silver beaver award was given to him in 1975.

I remember a trip cross country where we met him at Philmont.
He got off the bus was wearing sunglasses & had a beard.
I told my mom that was Dad.
Mom said "That Old Man is not your father"
But when he kissed her she knew that was my dad.
He kept the beard after that.

My father loved his pets.
He now will be taking long walks with
Smoky, Itty, Pompy, Tubby, Lickem, McDuff, Fiddler, Timmy & Teddy.

My father loved the Outdoors
He'll no doubt be a guardian of the smoky mountains.
It Was a place that brought him fulfillment.
He'll fly overhead in one of his many airplanes that he loved to build.
Or sail in the wind on the river of heaven.
Be giving knot tying lessons or engine repair advice
So my Dad It's time to say see u later............
& I'd like to read you this poem...........

When I've come to the end of the day
And the sun has set for me
I want no sorrow in a gloom filled room,
Why cry for a soul set free
Miss me a little, Remember me when...
And not with your head bowed low.
Remember the love, the joys we shared
Until we meet again
For this is a journey we all will take
Each of us alone.
It's part of his plan,
This journey, back home.
Our soul the good lord shall take.
When you feel lonely or your heart is in need
Miss me alittle, Remember me when...........
Bury your sadness by doing good deeds-
Until we meet again.

Originally written by Lyn Scott-Modified by me

I was told his last word was
You can snag my past scrap kits in the archive section
Comments not necessary But truly appreciated & inspiration to create.
I am dedicating this space to the greatest artist of all time.

This is the last song he wrote to his wife.
All proceeds from downloading this song go to PCF.
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You can snag some of his music below.

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Pam said...

Skinni, that was so touching...WOW, I am so sorry you lost your dad, he sounded like a great man...Hugs to you..:) Pam