Thursday, April 10, 2008

Hi my dear friends.
I have wandered into the world of skin making.
I have made 2 Incrediskins.
They took me awhile expanding over several days.
I really enjoy making these & will be making some more as time allows.
Just click either preview to test drive these.
When you get to 4shared click the 1st file
(the 2nd is the preview)
Wait for the link then click the OPEN button & they will go right into your stylebox.
Please do not upload these anywhere & please snag the preview to use for sharing.
Thank you.
Hope you like.
Come back & see what I put here next.

Judy Garland Incrediskin

Antonio Banderas Incrediskin

You can snag my previous scraps in my archives.
Links never expire.
My festival letters are still available by
searching my archives.
If you didn't get the tags just email me & let me know.
Thanks for the most sensational party Skinniminniville ever had.
I love you all.
You're the best friends anybody ever had.
Love & Hugs,

Comments would be appreciated.
I am dedicating this space to the greatest artist of all time.

This is the last song he wrote to his wife.
All proceeds from downloading this song go to PCF.
Just click the tag:

You can snag some of his music below.

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